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Remove the need for a licence to allow music and dancing in a venue

Comment 8th July 2010

Currently a venue has to have an entertainments licence to play music and to allow dancing.  This is absurb, at what point was it reasonable to regulate peoples natural and instinctive right to dance.  Get rid of this.  

Music is a fundamental tradition of humanity as are social gatherings, this right should not be restricted.  I understand that there are health and safety issues surrounding the number of people in one area this issue however is adequately catered for under other regulations to do with health and safety.   It is not right that people are not allowed to dance and listen to music without the venue paying a fee for the privilege.  Get rid of it.

Why does this matter?

Music and dancing are an intrinsic part of how humanity interacts with one another, to prevent and pervert that is damaging to the natural way society blends.

Quite apart from the social aspect, the music industry in the UK is one of the largest parts of our failing economy, it should be allowed to thrive, do this by making it easier for people to do it.

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