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Remove the need for Home Reports in Scotland

Comment 22nd July 2010

I was delighted to see that the New Coalition Government almost immediately removed the requirement to have a Home Report  (HIP) examination and report produced before a home owner could put thir home on the market for sale.  The result was more home were being offered for sale and the market improved slightly.

Sadly for what reason I have no idea,  this was now removed in Scotland – which is a farse.

In Scotland when you sell a home – usually through a solicitors office,  the property is advertised at offers over ££££££££.   At this time the Home Examination is still in place and the report contains a property price that that particular surveyor feels is the value of the property.  I was not happy with our first report value which is not even negotiable even though it cost me over £700 for the survey.   Our solicitor said if we had a second report done with another surveyor then the value could be increased in the second report –  Farse?

One major problem to Home reports in Scotland is that if the value show as being £400,00K for example,  then thi would be the maximum a building society would loan,  and then the  offers over system doesn't work.   The Housing market is very slow in Scotland because of this un-necessary pre-sell expence.   I think the Scottish Ministers should remove the need for an HIP – Home Investigation prior to an owner placing their home FOR SALE.

Once the HIP's in Scotland are removed the housing market will start to flow again,   I know several people who would like to sell for various reasons and some of them can't afford the up front payment to get this report done prior to advertisingand selling.  

Why does this matter?

Important to get the housing market moving again in Scotland and also to give people strugging to pay their mortgages the opportunity to put their homes FOR SALE

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