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Remove the need for volunteers to be CRB checked.

Comment 6th July 2010

There is no hard evidence that CRB checks have prevented incidents of child abuse or abuse of the elderly.

There is evidence within the catholic and anglican churches of adults abusing children. It is probable that ALL those who had abused others would have been given CRB clearance.

There is evidence of individuals, who had passed CRB checks, abusing children.

CRB checks were brought in as a result of the Soham tradgedy and are justified for those seeking full time employment involving children and the elderly. Volunteers are known to the organisations they volunteer for, usually for a number of years; these organisations should be free to use their judgement. The pool of volunteers has diminished as a direct result of CRB checking.


Why does this matter?

It will encourage those, like my self, who will not as a matter of priciple be CRB checked, re-engage in voluntary work. It will substantially reduce the rescources necessary to maintain a system that is more politically correct than it is effective.

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