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Remove the right to conduct industrial blackmail.

Comment 5th July 2010

The legistion which legalizes strike action in any form should be repealed. In addition any other legislation favouring  special groups which gives them the power to disrupt the everyday life of a nations citizens should also be abolished.

Why does this matter?

The power of strike action has forced business, over the years, to  pay excessive demands for  wage and condition demands which has produced a British nation of overpaid employees making overpriced British products.

The power of strike actions forces decisions on business and the public, due to its disruptive power, and causes decisions to be made which are not in the interests of the nation of Britain in a competative international business  environment.

Strikes provoke hatred and community devision of an extreme kind. Industrial blackmail of business or individuals should be seen in the same light as civil blackmail by criminal elements. A ransome demand by criminals who have kidnapped someones freedom is akin to strike action demands by means of disrupting transport services or access to an employees work place.

There are many rules of an industrial nature which pertain to groups which have manipulated politcal parties in order  to gain extreme power for themselves over the past years. The laws giving them legalized powers of blackmail should now be repealed as they simply over ride the  civil liberties of the citizens of Britain.

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