Remove the secrecy from the Family Courts

To put understandable detail on here that people who have never experienced the Family Courts would take up to many words. I have a web site on the subject which I ask you to view.

I emailed David Camerons office prior to the result of the election and was received the following reply:

Dear Mr Sage,


Thank you for getting in touch with David. We certainly take on board the points that you raise.


We have recently carried out a wide-ranging review of family justice, and if we win on May 6th, we plan to use this to give the MoJ’s own family review added momentum and urgency.  We are keen on the following ideas which will all be subject to full consultation:


  • A legal presumption in favour of automatic shared contact in the context of joint parental responsibility.
  • A much clearer definition of contact is needed, because if couples know  the likely outcome of their case, they will be less inclined to litigate.
  • Much greater use of mediation and dispute resolution could significantly reduce the number of cases going to court.
  •  Proper enforcement of contact orders.
  • Improving grandparent’s access to the family courts.
  • We support greater transparency in the family courts, but it must be subject to proper safeguards.
  • We plan to keep CAFCASS, but make it more efficient and better at handling complaints.
  • Above all, we want to see far fewer cases going to court.

Why does this idea matter?

Judges are playing god and some children suffering as a result. Judges and cases can be monitored by the media without the press being given permission to reveal identities. All children can be given a prefix such as in the case of baby P.

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