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Comment 8th July 2010

The target and bonus culture is  entrenched  in the Police and Crown Prosecution Service  and  this leads to manifest injutices  

Sir Ivan Lawrence, QC, says the “manifest injustices” in confiscation proceedings that were compounded by the setting of targets. “Once you start setting targets you are saying, ‘Never mind justice.’ Bodies like RCPO have to make a judgment on the cases they pursue — if they make that judgment on the basis that they will receive a lot of money, it calls into question whether justice is going to be done.

Details provided under the Freedom of Information Act found that. The prosecuting authority receives 18.5 per cent of the money seized from people convicted of fraud and subjected to confiscation orders. The RCPO admitted that in 2008-09 it paid almost £44,000 in bonuses to its senior staff who met “agreed written objectives”.

Why does this matter?

Giving finaincial rewards to  individual law enforcers, prosecutors  and  prosecuting bodies for  pursuing cases against citizens causes gross injustice.

Prosecutors  are choosing easy targets for personal gain without consideration of the Public Interest they are paid by the Public to protect.

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