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Remove ‘tinkers’ from the scope of the Pedlars Act 1871

1 Comment 7th July 2010

Delete the word 'tinkers' from the definition of 'pedlar' in the Act.

Why does this matter?

A 'tinker' is commonly defined as a 'mender of pots and pans'.  Under the EU Services Directive, the Act's licensing regime should not be applied to service providers.  Therefore the Act is inconsistent with the Directive.  This will remove an administrative burden for itinerant menders of pots and pans.

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One Response to Remove ‘tinkers’ from the scope of the Pedlars Act 1871

  1. ian says:

    Bad Idea , EU Directive States that a single legistlative sytem for the member state is preferable , but the act requires changing in mutual recognition of any professional grant of same status in another member state , no pre -required residence qualification , so any tinker or similar service provider travelling and trading on foot whom is recognised by any appropriate authority in another member state is entitled to ply his trade without further certification in the UK.

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