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Remove UK or EU law which restricts sale of herbal & nutrionalal supplements

Comment 6th July 2010

There are impending UK & EU laws which will severely restrict the availability &/or strength of herbal & nutritional supplements in the UK. This is way over the top.

There are many people (myself included) who use herbal & nutritional supplements for medical conditions which do not respond to conventional medicine, or because they do not have the side effects that medical drugs often have. There are also a good many well-qualified herbalists & nutrionists with huge knowledge, who advise, supply some of these supplements, or recommend them.

There is no need for any legislation to restrict the availability or the strength of these products. In comparison with the track record of medical drugs (which has a long history of dangers & side effects), they are generally very safe. Many have hundreds or even thousands of years of evidence of their safety & effectiveness.

There are reputable companies that manufacture these preparations that may be put out of business by such laws.

What might be needed, instead, is an extension of the registration requirements of herbal & nutritional practioners to eliminate untrained 'cowboys', so that they have equal status to other branches of medicine.

Otherwise, the nanny state should get out of the way & allow people to use common sense & the accumulated knowledge of many generations.

Why does this matter?

It is important because many people benefit from herbal & nutritional supplements & their good safety record does not merit high-handed interference from the nanny state.

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