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Remove Working from Home Barriers

Comment 9th July 2010

Release the UK's entrepreneurial spirit by making in easier to start a business at home or just work from home. Currently the barriers include:

  • Mortgage prohibitions
  • Deeds prohibitions
  • Bye laws
  • Planning permission
  • Council or Housing Association prohibitions
  • Invalidating home insurance
  • Restrictions on employing people working in your home
  • Business rates that may or may not apply
  • Who do you need to notify?
  • Capital gains issues at a later date

Change, remove or add laws to make it possible. People want to work and regulations need to get out of the way.

Why does this matter?

The country needs more private businesses as the public sector shrinks after the recession. It would:

  • Removes the obstacle of finding premises when starting many businesses
  • Allows you to run a micro business
  • Lets people with few resources actually start a business on a very small scale
  • Great for the environment, less travel and frees up the roads
  • Easier for childcare
  • Flexible working hours
  • Stops people working illegally at home or invalidating their home insurance

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