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Removing the blame culture

Comment 1st July 2010

To remove any and all legislation that contributes to the idea that, for every unfortunate event, someone must be to blame and can be held liable.  To restore an element of "common sense" to the judgements of courts through removing legislation which ties their hands and allows the concept of the Common Law to reassert itself.

Why does this matter?

Most of the irritations of everyday life, the constraints under which we suffer, the obstructions to new developments or initiatives, are driven by the fear of flouting some or other nonsensical legislation or, even more likely, of being sued by an ambulance-chasing lawyer who is intent on his/her percentage of any settlement.  The judiciary appear to have had the principle of common sense eroded by the mass of specific legislation which removes much of the discretion that judges used to enjoy and which framed much of the Common Law.

The idea that some unfortunate events can just "happen", without there being any mendacious, incompetent or irresponsible action to blame, would appear to have disappeared from our lives.  Similarly, those suffering from some such accident are encouraged to expect that "someone" must provide financial redress for whatever the incident was.

Initiative, progress and personal responsibility will remain crippled as long as this mindset remains pervasive in society and in the law.

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