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Removing unessesary bureaucracy from the railways.

Comment 13th August 2010

Even though the government subsides the railways more than ever before rail ticket prices seem to be esculating to ever more ridiculous levels. Where does all this money go? Into unessesary levels of bureaucracy and management. The solution is simple. Right now the government owns most of the high street banks and the high street banks own almost all of the rolling stock on the railways. If the government took ownership of the rolling stock the government would then have control of both the tracks and the trains that run on them. The banks would also have paid back some of the debt they owe to the nation. This would enable the railways to be restructured in order to run them along the same lines as all the other countries that have successful railways. If having many different companies competing against each other was more efficient then why does private industry tend to want to merge into larger and larger companies? The reason is that they know that centrally controlled larger enterprises are more efficient and better able to aportion resources and control logistics.

Why does this matter?

My idea solves many of the problems with the railways and the banks at no extra cost to the taxpayer than they have already paid out.

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