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Rented Housing: No Dogs, No Smokers, No DSS

Comment 1st July 2010

In a supposed age of equality, why are Landlords/Letting Agents allowed to discriminate against the disadvantaged? With housing stock at record lows, and rising unemployment I suggest the mantra's "Proffessionals Only" & "No DSS" be outlawed.

Because Social housing is allocated on a strict 'needs'basis, the vast majority of people find themselves homeless or at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords. Unless legislation is introduced to force Councils to house people based on a fair queuing system, private housing needs to be available for all, and not merely for the select few who have access to large deposits, references and jobs.

In a so called fair society, discrimination cuts both ways and cannot be dismissed on a spurious basis of Council bureaucracy, payment delays and or BTL buildings insurance exclusions.

Once an applicant qualifies for social housing/benefit, a deposit and first months rent should be paid directly to the landlord via the Council and recovered through the benefits system. Any subsequent payments should also be managed through the Council.

Why does this matter?

At present millions of people, often for many years are moving lower down the list as a relentless stream of refugees, migrant families and single mothers go to the top of the housing queue exploiting the present outdated criteria. I suggest this policy (a) breaches my human right's, is (b) outdated, and (c) grossly unfair to the British people who fall on hard times. Britain should now look to Europe which offers affordable long term rents for its citizens or alternatively build 'affordable' homes based on the average wage i.e £25k x 3.

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