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Repeal 1997 Protection from Harassment Act

3 Comments 1st July 2010

The 1997 Protection from Harassment Act was originally brought in to protect people from stalkers. Since it was created the act has been twisted so much that even writing two letters to your MP with a six month period constitutes harassment if your MP decides to complain.  Fair complaint about your treatment by a hospital or a school – then their easy remedy is a complaint.

Police chasing statistics know that a conviction under the Act is easy.  Don't take my word but have a look at a site operated by a barrister on the same dodgy law which has no comparable anywhere in the world.  The dirty man of Europe has become the dirty man of the world.

Consider this independent barristers point of view "Where harassment does occur it is often difficult for the victim to prove because there may be little physical evidence of what has happened. For the same reason however it is often difficult for persons to defend themselves against false or malicious accusations of harassment behaviour."

It is bad law.



Why does this matter?

It is important because in a free society individuals should be able to express their point of view and complaints.  There are more than enough checks of balances in place.  It is frightening that a family may have a perfectly reasonable row with a neighbour or a supplier or client or contractor yet face prosecution if their adversary becomes aware of the law in this regard.  There have already been ridiculous prosecutions.  Surely the police have better things to do but are driven by statistics.  That is their goal and a prosecution under this act easy meet.

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3 Responses to Repeal 1997 Protection from Harassment Act

  1. Judith Jesch says:

    It is clear from very many quarters that the harassment act is being misused way beyond its original intentions – this alone is sufficient to justify repealing it. In my experience, the points made above are all true.

  2. Neil Cox says:

    I would like to see this law done away with too. I am was warning a friend who would not forgive me that she needs to forgive me under Bible law or she could be liable for Armageddon destruction but would not do it and I ended being put under harassment order by the Police. I complained but the Police thought they acted lawfully, never mind the fact she could die or the other consequences I pointed out.
    The Police suggested I seek legal advise but many of the solicitors I have contacted have said there is no legal way round this.
    So thanks to this law my friend could die.

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