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Repeal All 1997-2010 Acts

Comment 6th July 2010

It is possible that there has been the odd Act in the last 13 years which has benefited this country, but most have been ill-conceived and poorly drafted.  The most glaring examples are the Finance Acts which have required doubling the explicatory guides and the wasted court time in trying to interpret the foolishnesses which have been enacted.

Exceptions could be permitted, but the presumption should be repeal.  



Why does this matter?

The first principle is this: laws cannot be wholly prescriptive, so any attempt is doomed to failure.  Moses had a good stab, but even he waffled with his "ox and ass and strangers within your gate" (what about swinging on it or outside it?). 

The second principle is that the majority of laws have been anti-democratic, either the blanket absurdities of the Human Rights Act, or the Acts which were voted for by Scots but only applicable in England and Wales or which were voted through on the massive payroll vote.

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