Repeal All Post 1974 Licensing Act Changes

The present licensing system is not fit for purpose.  Extended opening hours have proved a social disaster.  Increasing prices will have no effect except to push the families of alcoholics into further hardship and suffering.  The problem is availability of alcohol.

Then improve the 1974 act by provided that any retail outlet exceeding 2000 square feet in total area (including storage). is not permitted to sell alcohol.  Restore and enforce the requirement to provide live entertainment and substantial meals so long as the bar servery is open. Reduce the potential for violence outside venues by requiring venues to remain open (alcohol free) for at least one hour after the bar servery has closed.  Make it an offence for doubles (spirits) to be served.

The supermarkets have made noises about voluntary codes while at the same time they have aggressive campaigns to promote drink… placing large displays at the entrances to their stores where they are most likely to influence the young and selling alcholic drinks below cost.  They should lose the business altogether for their misconduct.

Why does this idea matter?

This is a major issue of public health and safety.  It is also a matter of the economy.  The binge drinkers of today are going to cripple our Health Service provision in a matter of a few years.

Alcohol fuelled violence in the home is largely unmeasured and the police are unsympathetic to complaints.  However, despite this, alchol fuelled violence is a known major cause of severe hardship to millions.

Meanwhile the cut price policies of the supermarkets are removing the only redeeming component of the alchohol industry… the community centre function of the local pub.


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