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Repeal all sex and race discrimination employment laws

1 Comment 15th March 2013

There should be one rule alone which dicates who should and should not be given jobs and that rule is MERIT ALONE.

It is an insult both to women and to ethnic minority groups to do anything else. The UK mainland is not Northern Ireland (to which separate rules may  at least temporarily have to be applied) and we don't have any problem with racism or sexism here that can be addressed through employment law.

How dare critics of the Coalition criticise it simply because it seems to be composed of mainly white men!

And more fool them, if the current Coalition caves in to these thoroughly undemocratic people who feel that ethnic minorities and women should be given special privileges and powers to get jobs that are not available to the rest of the population.

Could we have a country please that takes care of the MAJORITY of the people, and doesn't award any rights to minority or gender pressure groups just because they have a political axe to grind, which does not reflect or is not in the interest of the mass of British people?

Employers must have THE RIGHT to choose or reject whoever they see fit on grounds of gender, race, size of teeth, colour of hair, or WHATEVER CRITERION THEY SEE FIT.

Because in practice, we ALL discriminate, every day of our lives.

We reject a marriage partner or potential friend or lover because we think they are not intelligent enough or attractive enough or maybe even wealthy enough, or they don't have the right accent, background or whatever, whether that be "high" or "low."

Discrimination is a fact of life, there is no way to make laws against it,  and a mature society learns to live with that,  and take what opportunities are available to them and does not try to take positions that they do not deserve on merit.

This placing of people in positions of power and responsibility due to these non-merit, special privelege so called "equality laws" are not "equality" at all, but a cycnical way to have installed many incompetent people who hold certain political beliefs into positions of power, at great cost to the public in any number of ways.


Why does this matter?

Because these NON-MERIT employment "equal opportunities" laws, are taking away the free power of employers to choose whoever they see is most fitted to do jobs, and this is bringing the country down in every way – the  education system, the media, the police,  the health service, the military, and politics itself.

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One Response to Repeal all sex and race discrimination employment laws

  1. Simon Hinds says:

    Do you agree that employers should make their recruitment and promotion decisions transparent. So all people can check documentation to see if discrimination has taken place?

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