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Repeal Ancient Archery Laws

Comment 20th August 2010

In these days of gun crime and knife crime surely this law should be repealed. We have already seen the damage done to our communities by radical clerics such as Abu Hamza , whose rhetoric only serves to fuel religious bigotry and fuel intolerance.  What then if such men were allowed to seize upon this un-repealed law and use it to their own ends.  Apparently, the Reverend Mary Edwards, of Collingbourne Ducis, near Marlborough, already rewards those who attend the archery practice with ' a bar, a barbecue and live music.'  How would other religious groups similarly reward those who comply with the law?  Are we to see the return of fatted calves being roasted on a spit on our village greens? 

A further impact of this law remaining unchallenged would also be the potential endangerment of Welshmen within the city walls of Chester where a further unrepealed law allows one  to shoot a Welshman on a Sunday inside the city walls – as long as it's after midnight and with a crossbow.  Since the use of a crossbow could technically fall under the remit of archery practice, Chester could quickly turn into a no-go area for Welshman after midnight on Sunday.

I trust that both these laws will be reviewed and repealed by this government.

Why does this matter?

My idea typifies the huge array of legislation that remains on the statute books that is both anachronistic and risible.

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