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Repeal and reform abortion laws

Comment 12th August 2010

The current number of abortions in our countries allows the Uk to be regarded as leading the European field in implementing abortions.  This is not a reputation we should have or, I hope, would wish to have.  My proposal is that, until there is some national or international consensus as to whether abortion is the killing of a baby  or not,  we should embrace the idea of the unborn child as having human rights.  This means that we should at least return to the spirit of the original legislation,  requiring two doctors to sign a letter of permission,  laying down very definite reasons for permitting an abortion to take place, reducing the age at which an abortion can be permitted, and requiring that under-age girls should receive the consent of their parents before venturing on an abortion. Any woman seeking a termination should be interviewed by a sensitive member of the health service, whose job it would be to describe exactly what the operation inviolves, and how it might affect the mother in the future.  The aim should be to deter abortions wherever possible. Those women who have had abortions and who later regret them should be able to access NHS and other assistance. 

Why does this matter?

Abortion is an extremely important human matter, not a political tool.  The present almost lawless situation is creating havoc for our young people and for education, and demoralising the country.  There is a horrible political correctness presiding over the debate at the moment. What a wonderful and encouraging anomaly Northern Ireland has been in this respect! There is no set of laws in this country that so badly needs discernment, open debate, and, above all, the ability to listen – really listen – on the part of politicians, who introduced these laws in the first place in the biggest act of Big Government we have seen. 

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