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Repeal and replace Sunday Trading Act 1994

1 Comment 6th July 2010

The 1994 Act established the current compromise, where large shops can only open for 6 hours on Sunday while smaller shops are free to open as they please.

At the time this was a sensible compromise as the anti-Sunday trading block was big enough that we might otherwise still have essentially no Sunday trading at all. 16 years later, society has changed a great deal. As a general principle I feel that any and all laws based principally on religious precepts ought to be repealed.

The current restrictions on Sunday trading are unnecessary and harmful to larger businesses. They are based on an old-fashioned view of the world that is no longer shared by the majority of British people, many of whom subscribe to religions with a different (and legally unprotected) holy day, or to no religion at all.

I propose the repeal of the 1994 Act and its replacement with a new Act that repeals all previous restrictions on Sunday trading but which introduces a universal protection for workers to avoid them being coerced into working on the holy day of their established religion if they have one.

Why does this matter?

Normalising Sundays legally as just another day of the week will simply recognise what is, for most, current practice. Those who wish to keep Sunday special will be able to – after all, no-one is being forced to shop on a Sunday – and those who regard such ideas as silly and outmoded will no longer be discriminated against.

For any government committed to secular liberty this has to be an early target for repeal.

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One Response to Repeal and replace Sunday Trading Act 1994

  1. Carl says:

    I totally agree with this, for the economy to move forward and to create more jobs it is time to remove this act from law.

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