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Repeal ban on smoking in pubs

Comment 29th July 2010

If someone is a guest in my house and asks permission to smoke, then it is my right as a host to grant that permission or not.  The same should apply to the landlord of a pub or manager of a restaurant.  Smoking is not itself illegal and whether it is allowed in pubs should not be a government decision, but that of the management of the premises.

Pubs, in country areas especially, are closing at an increasing rate since the smoking ban came in.  Prior to the ban, many people claimed not to go into pubs because of the smokey atmosphere but in my experience most of them still do not do so.  Many villages are in danger of losing their heart as a result of the loss of primary school, village shop/post office, church and pub.  Often the loss of the pub is the last straw which kills the village.

As fewer people smoke, there will be a commercial imperative on pubs to be fully or partly non-smoking until eventually there will be only one pub in any area which caters for smokers, or perhaps one area within the pub.  We may then exercise our right as to whether we go to the smoker bar or the non-smoker.

I write as one who was a heavy smoker for many years but have now been a non-smoker for about 25 years.  I do not think I have the right to deny others the right to smoke just because I no longer do so myself. 

Why does this matter?

The smoking ban is yet another of those annoying attacks on personal freedom.  Just because something is good for you it does not mean it should be made compulsory, neither should something which is bad necessarily be banned.  It is the freedom of the individual versus the inerfering nanny state. 

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