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Repeal blasphemy laws

Comment 12th July 2010

Unlike many proposals this is pure principal. There are almost no prosecutions or pratical problems caused by these predujical relics. But why should Christians be able to have thier nutty ideas rendered unassailable when all the other nutters have to put up with it. (Ooops am I guilty already? of blasphemy not poor spelling!)

Why does this matter?

If there is any validity in the Christian fables let them defend them head on like all the other reigions. Unless of course they know their own weaknesses and want to continue to have this longstop to protect themselves.


I am constantly astonished by the hypocracy of our Church of England Bishops who abuse their privelidge and turn up in the House of Lords to put in their five pennys worth. Men of genuine ethical standing would Ithink appeal for the end of that privelidged position and this crazy law.

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