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Repeal copyright protection for dead composers and authors

Comment 21st July 2010

It is bad enough that 20 minutes of scribbling on the back of an envelope can provide wealth for life for the author but totally illogical that royalties can still be claimed by the estate after the composers or authors death.

All of our technological and artistic evolution has been possible by one generation learning the skills and ideas of their predecessors, improving and building on them then leaving their legacy for the next generation to do the same again.

Royalties for intellectual property restrict education, development, innovation and at a corporate level are in restraint of trade to ensure that the copyright holders can obtain profits far in excess of what would be possible if they were determined by fair application of market forces.

A reasonable time to reward talent, inovation, research and development should be allowed but beyond that everything should be in the public domain.

Why does this matter?

Stop paying people fortunes for doing nothing and encourage development of ideas.

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