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Repeal European Communities Act

Comment 4th July 2010

Repeal of this act will regain the independence of the UK.

Why does this matter?


It will allow for everything from the restoration of the Crown mark on a pint glass (minor but highly symbolic) to the regaining of the control of our own borders (currently over 250 million EU citizens can enter and work in this country), in a recent case Spain gave a second amnesty to 100000 illiegal immigrants who now also have the right to enter the UK. Numerous additional benefits such as the reform/repeal of the Human Rights Act and the ludicrous rules that eminate every week from Brussels (enthusiasticaly enforced it has to be said by many UK bodies who see them as a wonderful opportunity to tell people what to do).


Economically withdrawal from the EU would save the £7 BILLION given by UK taxpayers each year to Brussels, it would also regain control of our own fishing grounds. Remember also the trade gap of £30BILLION in their favour.


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