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Repeal Feudal Laws

Comment 9th July 2010

Repeal those Feudal Laws that such organisations as National Trusts still exert over individuals.

Why does this matter?

Some years ago, the EU abolished a number of outdated feudal laws. A number of UK organisations (e.g. National Trusts) appealed against this ruling and managed to retain Feudal Rights over some people in the UK. This allows such organisations to impose "master/slave" restrictions on individuals that are arguably contrary to thse people's basic rights. Examples include unreasonable restrictive planning consents and "busybody" interference in basic building maintenance, often at the whim of an Organisational Officer whose only real interest is in imposing a personal preference.

These Feudal Laws were abolished by the EU for good reason and UK bodies should not have been allowed to retain them. They should now be abolished.

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