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Repeal Firearms Amendment Act

Comment 3rd July 2010

Repeal the iniquitous Firearms Amendment Act, passed following the Dunblane tragedy. The Act confiscated legally owned pistols from some 60000 law abiding people who had committed no crime, whilst at the same time allowing armed crime to carry on unchecked, indeed, since the Act offences involving handguns have risen to an all time high. 

Why does this matter?

The Act destroyed legitimate businesses, cost taxpayers tens of millions of pounds in compensation, forced Olympic pistol teams to practise, and store  their  property abroad. At the 2012 Olympic Games British Teams will have their pistols taken by armed guard to the ranges whilst allowing foreign competitors free access. Repealing the Act will remove this humiliating condition, and allow our pistol teams to practise on their home ranges without unnecessary restrictions and expense. Repealing the Act will also allow businesses to expand generating trade and prosperity.  

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