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Repeal law of 2003, allowing fluoridation of our water supply

Comment 19th July 2010

The government should repeal the law of 2003 which empowers local bodies, after consultation with the affected population, to order the addition of hexafluorsilicic acid(fluoride) to the water supply. Even if a majority of the population should vote in favour of the step, those who object would be subjected to medication against their will which denies them their human rights. Since the declared aim of the government is to prevent children from suffering dental caries, it should instead have a  vigorous policy to educate parents about good nutrition which avoids sugary confections and fizzy drinks. 

Why does this matter?

Adding fluoride to our water supply is mass medication which is illegal, unethical  and dangerous. No doctor would prescribe medication without seeing the patient and being able to specify the dose.Hexafluorsilicic acid (fluoride), is so toxic that it can't be disposed of in the sea or in landfill sites but whole populations can be forced to swallow it. It damages the thyroid gland and the kidneys, causes brittle bones, osteosarcoma in adolescent boys and can cause cancer. Tests in China and elsewhere have shown it to lower the IQ of children. American mothers are warned not to use fluoridated water when making up baby food or allowing young children to swallow it.. It can cause unsightly fluorosis requiring expensive private dental treatment. Fluoride can be obtained in toothpaste or tablets by those who choose to use it and, in any case, it isn't effective, which explains why many countries have withdrawn it. No government which claims to be a democracy should even consider imposing it.

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