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Repeal Laws against Euthanasia for terminally ill

Comment 27th August 2010

The Terminally ill should have the right to decided wether to live or not. This should not be the choice of goverment officials who are not the ones that have to live in the situation.

Euthanasia for the terminally ill should be legal to provent forced suffering. It should however, be strictly regulated and controlled to prevent people being forced into euthanasia.

Why does this matter?

Some people with terminal illnesses are forced to continue to live against their will, some of them are in great pain and have a poor qaulity of life as a result. We are suppose to live in a free country, yet we continue to force people to suffer when they don't want to.

Legalizing euthanasia would give them a painless and dignified death, and bring an end to terminally ill commiting suicide or traveling aboard to die in unfamiliar surroundings either alone, or infear that the people who go with them could be charged for assisting suicide when they return to the uk.


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