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Repeal Laws on Similar Fact Evidence

Comment 17th July 2010

There was a change in the law of Similar Fact Evidence in the early 1990's.

Following this there began to emerge Historical Allegations against Carers and Teachers who worked in establishments for delinquent, disruptive teenagers who were placed in these places by the Courts.

All the Allegations were Historical.

Made by adults who were former pupils.

In the trials there was NO evidence to convict.

But there were 'Similar' allegations made.

These 'Similar' allegations were treated as 'Similar Fact Evidence'.

This resulted in hundreds of Carers and Teachers being arrested, charged, with many of them imprisoned unjustly.

This was a wrong interpretation of the 'Similar Fact' law.

Similar Accusations are NOT Similar Fact.

Why does this matter?

Because any Law which can be misconstrued NEEDS looking at, and changing, or amending. 

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