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Repeal Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006

Comment 1st July 2010

The very existence of this site is indicative of the large amounts of illiberal laws, unnecessary regulations and unelected quangos. In response to these worries, the previous government decided to write another piece of unnecessary legislation and create another quango, the Better Regulation Commission. This quango has clearly failed in its remit, and has given ministers powers to reform legislation without reference to the legislature, our MPs. Thus, the apparent remedy to quangos and statutory powers given to the executive was to make another quango and give more powers to the executive. The solution relies on doing the exact opposite. This Act should be repeal as the first part of re-engaging the citizens in writing and amending laws. The Better Regulation Commission should also be scrapped.

Why does this matter?

The cure to over-regulation and government by decree is not to create quangos and give more powers to the government, but to do the opposite. The citizens should be given a greater say in laws through their elected representatives, who if they are not serving in government, are there to hold the government to account, and through referenda and the right to write legislation.

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