Repeal licensing

Repeal all licensing.

Licensing serves no purpose other than control. Treating people like dogs with animal tags.
This is obvious. Then we must consider who are the "owners" who are doing this to people.

People have a right to govern themselves by Laws given to them by God. Not serve others.
Compassion and kindness is built-into God's Law, unlike man-made laws lacking fairness.
There is no licensing in The Law, inherent to every single individual, anywhere in the world.
The Law is The Law of God for the people and not by the people, to rule fairly, with justice.

Gov't is clearly not working, nor serving the public by licensing and making made-up laws.

Please view my other contributions explaining the serious issues, and the consequences.

Why does this idea matter?

Government is to serve the people. Licensing serves the government.

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