Repeal NERC section 67

Repeal NERC section 67 – – it is flawed in intent and application

Why does this idea matter?

This legislation was brought about by a small but vociferous and well-connected special-interest group.  It is disproportionate in its effect, it is unfair in its effect, and does practically nothing to address the real underlying problem, namely unregistered, non-road-worthy vehicles using ‘green lanes’.  Just as disturbing, it introduced what can only be regarded as retrospective measures, in that it revoked previously declared dates (for objections) and rendered redundant a huge amount of research effort and material.  As a side-effect, it brought legislation, and the government of the day (and perhaps beyond) into disrespect.  In practical terms, there were a number of unintended albeit foreseeable side-effects, such as a). total confusion about the status of many rights of way, making the definitive map even less definitive than it was already; b) adding a huge administration, research and signage overhead on local authorities, which will be on-going for years; c) the few remaining vehicle rights of way are now at risk of becoming over-used, whilst those where rights have been removed are becoming overgrown and impassable, even by those members of the special-interest group.

In short, this is a spiteful piece of legislation and should be repealed forthwith.

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