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Repeal NERC section 67

Comment 20th August 2010

Section 67 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 should be repealed and all affected rights of way should be returned to their pre-2006 status.

Why does this matter?

Section 67 of NERC 2006 removed the vehicular rights of access to a huge number of unsealed roads throughout the country – the section was heavily amended prior to its introduction and seems to have lost sight of its original intentions. It has caused untold hardship and considerable distress to many people – many owners of homes and business premises now find themselves without legal access for vehicles. Many routes have fallen into disuse because without the passage of vehicles they have become overgrown. The act restricts the activities of law abiding vehicle users without addressing the problems of illegal use (why do politicians continue to believe that people who chose to break a reasonable existing law will obey an even more restrictive new law).

Rights of way legislation in this country was a mess before NERC and s67 did nothing to clarify matters.

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