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Repeal No Win No Fee Legislation

Comment 20th July 2010

This law has ricochet all over our society, at first I thought this can be a bad idea how wrong I was!

It has made Health & Safety a national joke as people and business’s over react about being sued, it’s caused people to no longer accept responsibility for their own errors and seek unwarranted compensation. Its caused insurance premiums to rise s payouts rise in number and value.

Yet we all know, at least the reasonable man does that the vast majority of these claims would never win in a court however they never get there as its cheaper to settle than pay legal fee’s, so the fraudster, the com men, the idiotic get paid out whilst the rest us pay up on our insurance and have our life’s limited a little bit more each year as over zealous H&S consultants tall rubbish to their clients.

However we can stop all this madness, may I suggest:

  • Undo the legislation in full
  • Change the legislation so that cases have to go to court  and have reason shined upon them – or maybe a high percentage of each solicitors cases have to go before a court.
  • Make solicitors have to do a pro bono case for each No Win No Fee case they take to court.
  • If the case isn’t won in court make the costs to the losing claimant very high.
  • Etc etc

Please do something!!!!

Why does this matter?

Because no win no fee is just an unworthy piece of legislation at all levels. If we want our work places to be safer then there are better ways then this law. Maybe make insurance company’s vet workplaces as part of the cover?

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