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repeal of dangerous dog laws

Comment 6th August 2010

i am a responsible dog owner and this law does not work. lots of perfectly safe dogs are murdered becuase they "look dangerous" and hysterics amongst the pu blic makes the situation balloon. the poor dogs end up being demonised when 99 times out of a 100 they are loving dogs. its the way they are raised by kids using tough looking dogs as an accessory, rather like the "macho" version of a handbag! this law is achieving nothing!     anne walker

Why does this matter?

all dogs deserve a chance of a life, not based on what they look like. dont play God with their lives, they put their trust in us. tey are not just lumps of flesh to be treated how we like. there are feelings in there and man does not have the right to casually kill them becuase they vaguely fit the description of a so called "dangerous Dog".!!!!

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