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Repeal of human rights for prisoners

Comment 1st July 2010

Why should someone who has committed a crime and been found guilty have any rights? Many time we read about a prisoners civil rights and large amounts of compensation they receive while the law abiding citizen gets nothing. We read of prisoners living a life of riley with catellite TV, gyms etc etc. Prison is not meant to be a holiday camp it is meant to be a punishment. many prisoners are better off in prison that the victims of their crimes. There was a case some time ago where someone convicted of sexual offences used his so call civil rights to obtain pornographic publications while in prison. This is total caraziness and stupidity. Gyms and other luxuries should be removed from prison. Why does it cost more to send someone to prison that it does to send a child to Eton? Sort this out now.

Why does this matter?

People are fed up with molly coddling criminals just in case we upset the PC liberals who seem to believe that it is always someone elses fault that the crime has been commited. maybe it is societys fault as we didnt give them more money. This is just ceass stupidity. lets bring back some values into everyday life. let people take and accept responsibi;lity for their actions rather than blame everyone else.

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