Repeal Of The Civil Contingencies Act.

If you have ever read most of this awful bit of law, it provides the State with absolute rights to do whatever they want to individuals, including confiscation of legally acquired possessions.  It extends to arrest and removal of people who can be held indefinitely.  The list of its iniquitous powers is wide and frightening.


When this bill was put through the house, almost NO ONE read anything but merely voted yes, as the bill was long and complex.  It they had read it, I doubt that even the most indifferent MP would have supported its passage into law.


The background to this act is interesting.  It has retained large sections of a similar piece of legislation brought in by Hitler in the mid 1930's!  Before you scoff, do some research for yourself.  You will find it is so.  The American Patriot Act shares much common ground with the Civil Contingencies Act, so 'great minds' think alike.  This was Labours finest hour… NOT!!


This single act can be used to kill-off any semblance of democracy on the sole say-so of the PM and his cabinet.  Yes, NOT parliament, but the sitting PM and cabinet acting alone.  This smack of fascism and with no regard for any due process.


Only a deeply insecure government would even consider sneaking this kind of bill onto the statute book.  Its very presence is a chilling reminder to us that a lazy house who wont allow time to read what they vote for is a house not worth having.


This act really must be repealed.

Why does this idea matter?

This act can remove democracy at the whim of a PM… how can this be fair or desirable

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