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Repeal of the footpath law in UK

Comment 2nd July 2010

With the incredible upsurge in interest for cycling in UK, and particularly with mountain biking amongst younger people, there is huge frustration with regard to the laws concerning the definitions for footpaths, bridleways, byways etc which govern where one can cycle off-road in UK.

As a very keen mountain bike enthusiast, road biker and walker, laws which were made tens if not hundereds of years ago are clearly inappropriate for modern leisure needs.


I live in Cornwall, and out of the whole Southwest England coastal path, it is probably only a few lilometres which are legally ridable – a great pity considering that virtually any car you see heading on holiday in this direction usually has at least one bike attached!


So, let's show some commonsense and open up the countryside (aka Scotland).   

Why does this matter?

Broadening the use of the countryside coupled with providing benefits to public health

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