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Repeal of The Regulation of Interrogation Powers Act

Comment 3rd September 2010

The repeal of Regulation of Interrogation Powers Act (so called RIPA laws) would rid us of an act that is completely antidemocratic in nature. It moves us further along the road of totalitarian government and the police state.

Why does this matter?

Far from 'regulating' it greatly extends the power of the state to snoop on people and make unwarranted interference in people's lives. It further erodes the long established premise that someone is innocent until proven guilty: habeaus corpus.

It was been used and abused as been noted in the media  by local authorities and others to snoop on people e.g. putting out the wrong rubbish bin or seeing if children are being taken to a school out of their area.

It makes the innocent more exposed and protects those using the RIPA laws behind a veil of anonynimity. Justice and fair play are the first casualties.

There are already more than sufficient laws to deal with suspected terrorists. Blanket legislation such as the RIPA act have no place in a democratic society.

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