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Repeal of TV Licenising

Comment 2nd July 2010

To repeal the TV Licensing law.  The TV licensing regime as it stands relies heavily on an expensive system of detection and prosecution.  Prosecutions brought before Magistrates' courts are disproprortinately brought against the poorest members of our society, and predominantly women who happen to open the door to the detectors!  Fines are based on the amount of the TV licence, which is again a heavy burden on the poorer families, and are not based, as other fines before the courts are, on a disposable weekly income – so again represent a disproportionate amount of fine to other unlawful activities before the court.


All in all the amount of money spent detecting and prosecuting non licence holders, combined with the recently publicised high salaries commanded by BBC executives and stars offers a very poor deal indeed for licence holders – so scrap the licence and make the BBC work for their money!

Why does this matter?

The current regime is an unfair burden on the poorer families.  It is an unjustifiable imposition and a system which has been carried over from the early days of TV which is no longer in todays digital and satallite driven world.  There is no benefit to having a National Bradcasting service and very much a need to abolish this outdated, outmoded and unfair licensing system.

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