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Repeal part of the Equalities Act 2009 by Labour which discriminates against Trans Women

1 Comment 11th August 2010

I don't really understand what Labour were thinking when the Equalities Act was thought up, but part of the act seeks to discriminate post op transexual women that is women reassigned from women only facilities, changing rooms, women's groups and women crisis centres on the basis that it is possible to tell a transexual women and that genetic women would feel uncomfortable.

I am afraid that whilst some transgender women can indeed be told not all can and it is a great insult to say that transexual women post op or even pre op with a medical condition should use the men's or disabled toilets. Some women are very passable, and you would be hard pushed to tell. I also find it offensive that trans women cannot be raped as they are and frequently have been.

Labour's law as these idiots thought it up is in fact in conflict with the Gender Recognition Act and also in conflict with the European Court of Human Rights ruling on Christine Goodwin vs the United Kingdom Government (2002) ruling that led to the gender recognition act 2004.

This act seeks to undermine my right and the right of other trans women who are post op and in general trans women in receipt of a gender recognition act and acquired gender and is a breach of article 8 in relation to dignity and respect, and breach of article 14 in relation to discrimination under the ECHR convention.

This law must be repealed.

Why does this matter?

It is disgusting to say trans women cannot be raped or cannot access women's facilties.

It is about dignity and respect. Some trans women look as good as genetic women and we have a right to be treated the same as genetic women as we are women too.

Why should I use the toilet for men or disabled. I am neither mentally ill and I am not  a man and don't look like one it is offensive and it's wrong.

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One Response to Repeal part of the Equalities Act 2009 by Labour which discriminates against Trans Women

  1. G.Squire. says:

    Trans-gendered women but what about trans-gendered men? Why do some women have to be so sexist? lets have more full equality.

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