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Repeal Police Reform Act 2002

1 Comment 21st July 2010

Repeal the Act and install a completely independent authority to investigate complaints against police and their conduct.  Currently this is done in house by their peers which is neither unbiased or impartial and lacking in credibilty.  The whole system of complaints need a complete overall.  The IPCC has been deemed not fit for purpose in a recent report and their needs to be effective organisation that review the police who do the job it says on the tin and takes a robust and fair approach.          

Why does this matter?

Public confidence in the mechanisms of review and complaint otherwise you get a totally disillusioned public who wonder what they pay their taxes for and start to feel disaffected from the state and do not participate in British Society and culture.  This disaffection could ultimately lead to anarchy as people start to loose any connection with society and the state and wonder why government are not making these organisations accountable for their shortcomings and shortfalls and why they should participate at all. 


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One Response to Repeal Police Reform Act 2002

  1. Dave Thomas, Sheffield. says:

    A great idea! At least on the face of it.

    As it stands, the IPCC are only able to investigate a very small number of serious cases – e.g. death in police custody.

    Poor administration and complaint handling can leave members of the public with few options when appealing decisions made by local professional standards departments, often only with recourse to judicial review.

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