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repeal protection for badgers

Comment 10th August 2010

For some reason badgers enjoy protection when rabbits, squirrels, hares, foxes and many other mammals do not. If protection were removed this would not put the badger in danger of extinction in this country. There would still be many individuals who would be happy to have them on their land (me included), but it would give farmers the option to humanely kill them on their land and destroy their setts.  If it turns out that bovine TB is transmitted by badgers the farmers have the ability and the option to prevent it on their land. This would mean that the Government would not have to continue paying the millions of pounds that are currently being paid to farmers whose cattle have to be slaughtered because of TB. It would also put an end to the endless surveys and culls that have proved nothing and cost us all a lot of money. 

Why does this matter?

This is important because of the money that is being paid in compensation. Chicken farmers don't get compensation if a fox kills their chickens because they have the right to kill the fox.

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