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Repeal Pt1 & Pt2 of the Regulatory Enforcement & Sanctions Act

Comment 7th July 2010

Repeal parts 1&2 of the Act, so as to abolish LBRO and the Primary Authority principle.

Why does this matter?

This legislation is unnecessary as it imposes unnecessary regulation and bureaucracy on local authority enforcers, and thereby on business.

LBRO does nothing which was not being achieved by LACORS and local authorities already, or which was outside the capacity of these arrangements.  The Primary Authority system is simply a more bureaucratic and less effective variation on the perfectly good Home Authority system which existed, without legislation, before the Act.

A similar suggestion has been closed by a moderator, but this idea would genuinely reduce bureaucracy and it would genuinely reduce the impact of that bureaucracy on business by enabling local authorities to provide a more appropriate and worthwhile service locally.

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