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Repeal Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA)

Comment 15th March 2013

RIPA should be repealed along with all the existing Anti-terroism laws, to allow a new more proportionate and necessary anti-terrorism laws to be brought in.

Why does this matter?

RIPA should be repealed, if a possible crimes needs to be investigated it should be done by the police, not by a council officer without the correct expericence, or who may be holding a personal grudge. If anything is improtant enough to be investigated it should be done by the police.

The use of Anti-terrorism laws in general should be restricted to the specialist anti-terror police and prosecutors ONLY.  To protect the rights of the vast majorty of normal people.

The balance between the need to protect the country from terrorism and need to protect the rights and freedoms of normal people, needs to be changed in favour of normal people.

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