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Repeal section 67of the NERC Bill

Comment 12th July 2010

I have been riding my motorcycle in the countryside since 1980. Due to a  back condition I can't walk more than 4 miles at once.. The only way i can enjoy the scenery is to use a motorcycle.Since the NERC BILL I am extreemly limited to access the countryside. I feel that in these days where leasure time is so important we should be opening up the countryside and accomodate all. This could even generate money by chargeing for a permit to help pay for proper signage etc. walkers included.    

Why does this matter?

It is the only way i can enjoy the countryside. The more routes that are opened reduces traffic on the lanes that are at present few and far between. Just to reinstate the lanes that were previously opened would go a long way to help but there needs to be more routes available in this ever increasing past time.

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