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Repeal specific offences where a more general law exists

Comment 2nd July 2010

Many specific offences have been created where the behaviour they are apparently intended to curb are already covered by a general law. For instance what need is there for a specific ban on using a mobile phone when driving when there are already provisions in the Road Traffic Act to penalise careless and dangerous driving?

Why does this matter?

The very existence of this website and HMG's request to the public shows that there are too many laws. In many cases a law appears to exist purely to punish people who break it as a law, without actually addressing intent or the effect of breaking the law. Driving while using a mobile phone is one example; driving without due care and attention is already illegal so why add a specific (and very rarely-enforced, because almost impossible to police) law? Most of the laws against public drinking are a chimera; they penalise people whose only crime is to break a law without causing any problems, while people behaving offensively and/or violently are already breaking very long-standing laws against public drunkenness, violent behaviour, breach of the peace and so on.

Remove laws against specific behaviour and enforce the already-extant laws against the problems caused by the behaviour.

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