Repeal the 1981 Broadcasting Act relating to S4C (the Welsh Language TV)

The 1981 Broadcasting Act, amongst other things, established the Welsh Language Broadcaster S4C. Originally it was funded by a levy on the other ITV companies but is now funded by a grant of £100 million per annum.

After 28 years of broadcasting it can hardly be called a success.

Currently its best audience figures are in the region of 50,000. Putting it another way the £100 million a year grant equates to a subsidy of £2000 per viewer per year.

About a quarter of its output gets an official zero rating from BARB (audience research)

The grant at today's prices over the 28 year history adds up to £2.8 Billion.


As evidence of it's lack of success in promoting the Welsh Language put the words "welsh language barely used" into a search engine then read the WalesOnline hit.

Why does this idea matter?

S4C has failed in it's remit of promoting the Welsh Language. It, along with the bureaucracy created by the Welsh Language Act, have cost the Welsh economy several billion pounds but have delivered nothing in terms of improving the lot of the Welsh Language.

Wales has far more pressing problems than the Welsh Language and can find much better things to spend the hundreds of millions of pounds on than this.

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