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Repeal the 1988 Housing Act & Short-hold Self-assured Tenancy Agreements

There is no security of tenure for the over sixties or veterans living in private rented homes on basic State pension (£97.47 a week or less) and are dependent on housing benefit. The only lease on offer is 6-months only. That is only suitable for holiday homes. Currently a landlord has absolute power to evict on demand subject to section 20 & 21 protocol. Failure to vacate and application is made to the courts. An English judge has no option but issue a repossession order. That allows landlords to engage bailiffs accompanied by British police to force entry and remove the victim(s) onto the streets of 21st century England. Many cannot afford the deposit for another home. If they can, it must fit a strict criterion – two rooms only at no more than £86.41 a week. Those properties do not exist. Most have been scooped up by European migrant workers. If they take a home not fitting the criterion they must cover the shortfall from their State pension. Up to 60,000 died premiturely every winter since 2006 because they cannot afford to heat and eat.

Why does this matter?

We have elderly members up to the age of 91 years old evicted every six months or evicted to allow landlords to re-let to European Migrant workers with up to 30 workers in a family home. Often many will sleep on kitchen work surfaces. At £70 a week plus rent from each worker, it is a better return that a single or elderly couple's housing allowance of £86.41 a week. (Based on NR29,30 & 31 – other areas may differ). The proposal to evict council house tenants and introduce a fixed term will add to the problem The Germans do it better with a 5 – 10 15 year lease. Only a judge can order eviction for breach or abuse of tenure. If the property is required by the klandlord or relations as a home. If the landlord will suffer financially when wanting to sell. A full German State Pension is 17,000 euros a year which puts our State pension to shame. We thank the Deputy Ambassador Blomeyer-Bartenstein for his assistance in obtaining that information refused by the British Government, MPs and MEPs

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