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Repeal the ability of Parliament to change employment law where it is the employer

Comment 7th July 2010

In the present economic climate this Government wants to "streamline" the Civil Service. Understandable. However, having made this announcement, it now also wants to change employment law to allow it to circumvent existing legislation (which it fell foul of) so it can withold entitlement to redundancy payments for the staff it's about to sack.

While Government may, indeed, have the legal right to change laws to suit itself, it has no moral or ethical right to do so. In its role as an employer it must recognise the law as being a higher precedent. The statutes already in place are there as a protection to employees as well as to employers.

So to meddle with laws to the detriment of its own employees while preparing for the largest unemployment boost in peacetime history is not only unethical but is also morally bankrupt and the act of a suicidal entity, intent on hastening its own demise through civil unrest etc. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important to keep this country from entering a civil war. Due to globalisation and the ease of obtaining information the populace now know how incompetent the previous administration was. If this Government take all of the actions they have announced they will slide the country back into recession and create a massive extra burden on those still in employment, necessitating higher taxes. This will inexorably lead to civil unrest and, with a stretched armed force on deployment on foreign soil, strike action and erupting violence will foment pockets of anarchy.

For its own good the Government must step back from the brink and rethink its timescale for such drastic and draconian action. Disenfranchising your own employees (especially where some are the security of your country) is NOT a good idea and must be repealed before it is enacted.

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