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Repeal the Act of Settlement

Comment 2nd July 2010

I would repeal the Act of Settlement that prevents the Monarch being a Roman Catholic. It also prevents anyone with a claim to the throne marrying a Roman Catholic. The United Kingdom proclaims that it stands for freedom, fairness and democracy. How can the UK claim these things if it prevents its Head of State from believing in one of the long established brands of Christianity? Why should someone with a claim to the throne be forced to renounce their claim because they wish to marry a Roman Catholic? Why should a Roman Catholic feel forced to convert to remove the 'issue' for someone in line to throne?


Why does this matter?

See most of my comments above. However, the United Kingdom cannot press or claim that it is a truly modern country that does not discriminate in any way if this Act of Parliament remains on the Statute Books. We now have a situation that someone with a claim to the throne could marry someone with a religious belief that is of fairly recent introduction to this country. Their claim would remain intact. In contrast if the same claimant were to marry a Roman Catholic they would be forced to  renounce their claim to the throne. The Roman Catholic brand of Christianity predates the Protestant brand by several centuries in its presence in the countries that now make up the United Kingdom.

We are supposed to have moved on from the Reformation. How can our Monarchy claim to be a unifying force if it has such a selective position on the religious belief of its members? 

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